Rhino 5 video bundle - entry+advanced levels

Rhino 5 video bundle - entry+advanced levels

Rhino 5 video bundle - entry+advanced levels

Over 27 hours in 190 tutorials.

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This video is available free when you buy a full commercial licence of Rhino 5

Rhino 5 entry and advanced level training video bundle.


In this training video for Rhino 5, you get both presentations.

Learning Rhino 5 (entry level)
Rhino 5 Advanced Techniques

In Learning Rhino 5, expert author Rob McCulloch teaches you the basic techniques you will need to create 2D and 3D models in Rhino. You will learn to draw your designs, create and edit curves, surface your design and more. You learn through projects that Rob takes you through step by step and you can replicate right in your Rhino 5 software.

In the Rhino 5 Advanced Techniques training video, you learn how to apply advanced processes to your designs to improve your models. By working through various projects such as a car hood, faucet, ring, even a power drill, you will immediately apply the advanced techniques to a working model.

By the completion of these courses, you will be capable of creating fully featured 2D and 3D models from your own designs. Working files are included to allow you to use the same materials that the author is using in these tutorials.