Rhino Course - 3 Days - Max 2 people.

Rhino Course - 3 Days - Max 2 people.

Rhino Course - 3 Days - Max 2 people.

Location - Wooler NE716DB.

This is in Northumberland close to the Scottish borders

We limit this course to 2 people of similar Rhino experience. If this is not possible, you will get one to one training at this price.

If nothing suitable is scheduled below.

Please phone to arrange dates to suit.

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£450.00 tax excl.

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 Schedule - See date options near to the 'add to cart' button. 
If you want other dates just pick the phone up and ask. 
Pricing is per person.
Rhino training
  • Location - Wooler only.
  • Book single place.
  • Class is limited to 2 people.
  • Times you want.
  • Content you want.
  • Presenter has 20 years experience using Rhino.
  • Discuss strategies and process using Rhino.
  • More that just presenting a list of Rhino functions.
  • This is the course if you have been disappointed by others.

Content is presented in real time to cover what you want. We will need to cover some of the basics to establish your level of experience but after that there is generous opportunity to cover what you want. 

This is an intense course.  

We provide highly effective training based around a series of projects. Each is designed to introduce you to a more natural and relevant selection of commands. Using them in a project when it becomes appropriate is a more effective way to understand their relevance and place in the design process. 
We take you through a series of projects designed to increase in complexity throughout the course. You will be encouraged to approach these in a strategic way helping you to understand how the design process is more than just seeing a demonstration of each command. It is choosing and integrating several commands together to achieve the brief. 
Think of any process in your office or works. Processes are made by the application of individual functions together with others in a coordinated way. 
We match you with one other person of similar Rhino experience. ---
If that is not possible, you may even get  one to one training at this price