Company Training.- Rhino

Company Training.- Rhino

Company Training.- Rhino

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Rhino one to one training.

There are various reasons customers ask for one to one training.


Get a head start

It's easy to install rhino and get going and for many that is all the start they need. In the course of a few months their proficiency will improve. Some however will develop bad habits and practices and don't really understand why their models are not quite right.

One to one training will help you to understand how these 'habits' can be avoided and help you to develop good practices. Training proceeds at a pace that you are comfortable with. You will not be distracted by the demands of others in a classroom.


Focus on your interests

Provide us with information on your needs and that is where we will focus our attention. Once we have introduced some of the basics or have confidence that you already understand them, content can relate entirely to your own interest. 

Jewellers will get projects and examples based around jewellerty,

tool makers - around tooling

ceramic designers - around ceramics


Send us examples of the nature of your work and that can become a significant part of the training.


Specific projects

You may only need to know how to model a specific design.

The entire content will be on a live interactive demonstration on how to achieve it.


Caution - Modelling service.

Occasionally customers want training to produce a specific model and provide training to someone at the same time. Whilst this can happen, the two objectives conflict with eachother in respect of available time. If your main requirement is to produce the model then the 'student' may be resigned to just watching given the time available. Conversely, it may not be possible to complete the model if sufficient time is to be given to the 'student'.

If your principle needs are to produce the model, a service to do just that is available.


Prices for One to One training

(It you need training for more than one person please enquire about group training.)



Wooler, Northumberland (our base)

1 day - £250

2 days - £450

3 days - £600

Your address

£250 per day.

Addition expenses are charged at:

Accommodation, £80 per necessary day (for locations over 70 miles away)

Travelling  - £50p per mile per journey. (from CV81DH)

Total expenses charged will depend on the logistics involved.

VAT will be added to all prices