Don't like large anonymous classrooms?

Courses are limited to 2 people

Northumberland Based                                                     

Schedule times when you want.

Telephone to suggest dates you want. ------  tel. 01668281339


We run these courses to suit you and your time table. 

If there is nothing scheduled just phone us up to suggest suitable dates - either Monday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Friday.

Any date you suggest will be open to one other customer only.


We offer only 2 places on our small regular training courses. 

If you have ever struggled to be heard or have your questions considered in the atmosphere of large training rooms.

is the pace too slow or too fast?        This may be the answer for you.

 - 3 day course  -  £450 + VAT

No Frills Rhino Training.

What you get.

Only 2 per course provides for a more comfortable atmosphere where you can ask question.

More individual time is given by the trainer.

A trainer with 16 years experience (since rhino began its first beta testing)

A trainer who uses Rhino to support clients in all disciplines and is able to apply that experience to real time solutions to the questions you ask.

A trainer who is happy to cover areas that you want to cover.

See what's scheduled