Rhino 5 training

Why train with RhinoCAD?

We began using CAD software in 1990 and 5 yrs later discovered Rhino. At that time it was only available as a beta version released for public testing. It didn't become available as a full commercial release until 1999.  In 2004 I was approved as an Authorised Trainer for Rhino. After spending a year subcontracting training services to another company it became apparent that the standard method of training 'parrot fashion' did not always produce the results demanded by the trainees. RhinoCAD ltd was set up in 2005 to offer sales, support and more importantly an effective training method more in line with customer needs. Training should be more than just an introduction to a long list of tools. It should help you make effective choices integrating any number of tools into into a process and strategy that achieves your intended design.

We provide highly effective training based around a series of projects. Each is designed to introduce you to a more natural and relevant selection of commands. Using them in a project when it becomes appropriate is a more effective way to understand their relevance and place in the design process.

We take you through a series of projects designed to increase in complexity throughout the course. You will be encouraged to approach these in a strategic way helping you to understand how the design process is more than just seeing a demonstration of each command. It is choosing and integrating several commands together to achieve the brief.

Think of any process in your office or works. Processes are made by the application of individual functions together with others in a coordinated way.

The image on this page was created as follows:

  1.  Rhino - to model the table surface,book,candlestick,candle and flame. 
  2.  Rhino - to place and configure lighting.
  3.  Flamingo - to create materials, using masks textures and timber images. Set decals.
  4.  Photoshop - to edit images used in decals, masks, and textures employed in material defininitions.