Product Design and Packaging

Many customers ask us to provide a little help to model their products.

Blow moulded container
In this project we were asked to produce a model of the container for this product. 
Critically the product would settle after filling so it was essential to know where the settled filled level was.
There were limits on material cost and therefore the amount used. This placed restrictions on the wall thickness and toal material volume.
Upon approval of the first design the customer then needed sympathetic designs to represent different pack volumes.
Typically for this type of project the supplied data comes in the form of 2D drawings and sketches of the design concept. The drawings only represented vertical orthographic sections and a basic footprint shape. We needed to generate a 3D form and needed more vertical profiles aligned 'diagonally' to do so. 
We were able to use the surfacing tools to generate a trial form based on the original data and test this against the brief. Sections were exracted from the trial model. This gave us the ability to decide on suitable modifications.
By selecting and modifying  suitable sections, then rebulding, we were able to meet the specifications.
The analysis tools enable volume levels to be determined together with material quantities.