MADCAM - for Rhino 5

MADCAM - 3, 4, 5 axis & 5Xtra

Educational and Commercial versions   MadCAM is an excellent CNC plugin for Rhino. Generate G-code directly from your Rhino model.  MadCam integrates so easily with Rhino, it's just another toolbar. If you use CNC with Rhino models this is a must have.


Customers who wish to buy educational licenses must provide proof of status ____________ here.
  • Commercial plugin 3X
  • Commercial plugin 4X
  • Commercial plugin 5X
  • Commercial plugin 5Xtra
  • Commercial full package 3X (inc Rhino5)
  • Commercial full package 4X (inc Rhino5)
  • Commercial full package 5X (inc Rhino5)
  • Commercial full package 5Xtra (inc Rhino5)
  • Commercial/UG to V5 3axis to 3X
  • Commercial/UG to V5 3axis to 4X
  • Commercial/UG to V5 3axis to 5X
  • Commercial/UG to V5 3axis to 5Xtra
  • Commercial/UG to V5 4axis to 4X
  • Commercial/UG to V5 4axis to 5X
  • Commercial/UG to V5 4axis to 5Xtra
  • Commercial/UG to V5 5axis to 5X
  • Commercial/UG to V5 5axis to 5Xtra
  • Educational single user. For qualifying users only.
  • Educational upgrade license - single user
  • Educational labkit 30 users - plugin
  • Educational upgrade - labkit - 30 seats
  • Educational upgrade to commercial 5X
  • Educational upgrade to commercial 5Xtra

£670.00 tax excl.

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Mould and die computer aided manufacture. CNC/CAM for Rhino.
Existing Rhino4 users can buy the plugin only
This Rhino plugin will enable you to create machine code directly from your model inside the Rhino workspace. 
If you don't own Rhino buy the full CNC package including modelling.


Madcam has one of those names that does not translate well from it's original Swedish. Don't ignore or underestimate it just because of it's name or prices.

If you already own Rhino 4 it starts at £495 for a 3 axis plugin. At the other extreme you can buy a fully integrated package including the Rhino modelling kernel with MADcam 5Xtra, giving you fully integrated with a range of extra features.

Madcam compares very well with other well known top end titles, costing many times more. With Madcam there is no annual maintenance charge to pay. Madcam is easy to use, enjoys the ability to open many file formats with the Rhino kernel and produces high quality professional results.

The built in simulator enables you to assess the machining process and material removal before committing to manufacture.

Madcam was developed buy a specialist Mould making company for use in its own works. It was developed by engineers for engineers in their own works.