Flamingo nxt

Photo realistic rendering - Plugin for Rhino

Commercial & educational versions available.


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  • Educational single user. For qualifying users only.
  • Educational labkit 30 users - plugin

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Flamingo NXT

Present your Rhino models in their best light


Flamingo nXt allows you to easily create stunning, life-like images in Rhino.

With nXt you don't need to be a professional renderer to get realistic results quickly. You provide materials and lighting and press the Render button. nXt provides the simulation. Unlike many rendering products, there are very few settings to worry about or understand.


nXt produces realistic results by simulating light transport in your model. Indirect lighting as well as complex reflection and refraction can be easily incorporated into the simulation. Interior and exterior daylight simulations, HDR image-based lighting, and many other techniques are all handled easily, with minimal configuration requirements.


nXt uses efficient, modern ray-casting technology to produce results as quickly as possible. All processor cores are automatically utilized in parallel. Images are continually refined and improved over time.

Loaded with Extras

  • Image Editor with support for multiple lighting channels.
  • 3D Plant Editor.
  • Render Farm support.
  • Content libraries (plants, materials, HDRi).
  • Pre-textured mesh support.
  • Support for 3rd party texture sets.

Technical Details

Advanced Lighting
  • Default lighting presets for quick setups of common scenesAdvance use of high dynamic range images for scene lighting.
    • Studio Lighting
    • Exterior Daylight
    • Interior Daylight
    • Artificial Lighting
  • Free library of high Quality HDRI images for lighting.
  • Soft shadows calculated automatically.
  • Indirect lighting calculated enhancing depth in renderings.
  • Lighting Channels allow you to edit light strength realtime without the need to re-render the scene.
  • Automated daylight calculation based on lighting presets.

Sophisticated Materials

  • Material templates for common materials
  • Blurry reflections, control over Fresnel effects and reflection styles
  • Accurate Transparency
  • New Bump Mapping
  • Normal Maps
  • True Displacement Mapping
  • Materials stored in model for easy transfer to others
  • Drag and Drop material assignment

Advanced Options

  • Path tracing -
  • Progressive render continues to improve effects each pass
  • Less memory needed for models with many of the same block
  • Alpha channel support for compositing in backgrounds or objects
  • Tone mapping for brighter images
  • Burn control - White point adjustment
  • Post-processing - no re-rendering requiredFractal tree generator
    • Depth of Field
    • Exposure
    • Vignette
    • Glare
    • Haze
    • Glow
    • Wires on/off
    • Text on/off
    • Adjust lighting channels
  • Background rendering option allows modeling while rendering

RenderFarm (Network Rendering)

  • Set multiple computers to rendering on image
  • Distribute render to other computers while working

New in nXt

  • Progressive multi-pass technology
  • Easy lighting presets
  • More advanced material definitions
  • Improved HDRI lighting environments support
  • Tagging objects as lights
  • Caustics improved
  • Block object instancing
  • Lighting channels
  • Improved tree model
  • Tone operator with histogram balance
  • Render farm support